Have you ever had a migraine in your dream?

2018-05-17 16:08 #0 by: Evelina

I often get a migraine before I fall asleep. Often in my dreams the migraine is also present. 

But, I have also have dreams where I experience a migraine but I wake up with out one, and before I fell asleep I didn't have one. 

I have also woken up with a migraine where I was previously dreaming with a migraine. 

Unfortunately, I just can't escape the migraines even while I sleep! Has anyone else experienced this?

2018-05-17 19:39 #1 by: jordan

I haven't had it with migraines, but I've actually had it where I had a cold before and during a dream and woke up without it! So there's hope that it works the other way as well at least Glad

2018-05-17 19:49 #2 by: Evelina

#2 That’s true! ☺️


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