2018-02-23 21:02 #0 by: Evelina

I recently treated myself to a full hour Thai massage at Samuari Massage in Stockholm. It was only 500kr and honestly it was truly amazing!

As a result of chronic migraine, I also have chronic neck pain with tends to flare up more when I am stressed. I had been feeling a lot of pain and tension in my shoulders and neck so I felt like I might as well try out a massage. 

I have never gotten a Thai massage before and didn't realise I would be so sore the day after. I read afterwards that Thai massage is notorious for being quite painful. I didn't think it was painful but rather very effective at relieving the tension I had in my neck and shoulders. 

While I can't say 100% that massage can relieve migraines, I do think with my particle body, that massage can help prevent migraine intensity and frequency. So, I will probably be treating myself after every exam period! Glad

Have you ever gotten a massage? Did you like it? Helpful?