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2018-01-17, 22:13

Tracking Migraines

Tracking your migraines are essential for finding out your migraine triggers! Here are some helpful tips.

There are several ways for one to track their migraines, either with a simple paper calendar, or an app

Personally, my neurologist gave me a small migraine calendar that I either put an X for a full blown migraine,  / for a tension headache,  0 for menstruation days, and + for days that I use abortive medication. 

Before that I used Migraine Buddy which is a really user friendly app. It will remind you to track your migraine, manage your triggers and so forth. 

The app was helpful for me to initially figure out what triggered my migraines, but as I have learned my triggers now I just use pen and paper. The app is also really nice since it will remind you to track which is something that I am really bad at doing. 

How do you track your migraines?

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